Our Network

Zoram Entu Pawl networks with National and International level organizations:

At National & Regional level:

  1. Caritas India-New Delhi
  2. Indo Global Social Service Society-New Delhi
  3. CBR FORUM- Bangalore
  4. Functional Vocational Training and Research Society- Bangalore
  5. VANI-New Delhi
  6. North East Diocesan Social Service Society-Guwahati
  7. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India
  8. Ministry of Health, Government of Mizoram
  9. Ministry of Social Development, Govt. of Mizoram
  10. UD & PA, Govt. of Mizoram

At International level:

  1. Manos Unidas- Madrid, Spain
  2. MISEREOR- Aachen, Germany
  3. Italian Bishops’ Conference, Rome, Italy

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